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All our schedules are just a click away, ready for download below.  Or, if you prefer, just start to make a reservation.  Our system will guide you to all available trips for your selected departure and arrival points, without the need to login or open an account.

Holiday Schedules:   Additional trips will be available during all holiday periods.   Availability of select trips may change.   Selections available on this site will always include all available trips.


Effective Thurs., October 11, 2018 - Wed., May 29, 2019
General Information:   Arrival times are estimates and can vary due to weather, traffic conditions, road conditions and day of week. We are not responsible for delays or cancellations due to causes beyond our control. Please call in advance to confirm the schedule. Certain trips are subject to cancellation due to changing seasonal demands. When making online reservations, please note that trip offerings on our website are always current. Ask about our additional holiday weekend trips.

For your own safety, please remain in your seat while the motorcoach is in operation. Hampton Jitney is not responsible for lost tickets and personal property.